10 Tips for Passover

If you ask any jew what they remember about their holidays, everyone always remembers the passover table. Sometimes it was torturous, sometimes it was boring, sometimes there was someone who just wanted to eat, but regardless they still remember it. It’s a special holiday of family getting together so we’re always looking to put forward our best.


That’s why we’ve put together our top 10 tips for Passover this year. Read on for our best passover recommendations and recipes.


  1. Children’s Haggadahs

Everyone wants to keep children’s attention at the Passover table and keep them enthralled in the Passover Story. There are a few ways I’ve successful done this with my own children and grandchildren in the past, but the best way to start is to get a Haggadah that is suitable for the children to make them feel special and a part of the experience. Bonus: sing all the songs the kids have learnt at school or Hebrew school so they can take an active part of the seder!


Our top Recommendations: Orthodox Haggadah for children Artscroll Children’s and Youth Haggadahs, which can be used  in conjunction with the Artscroll family Haggadah. Another option are children’s haggadahs that are not orthodox like the Karben Children’s Haggadah and the Sammy Spider’s first Haggadah.


2.Good Kosher Wine

There are so many fantastic kosher wine options out there right now. For a holiday where we drink a decent amount of wine during the seder, make sure you invest in a good kosher wine for the adults and grape juice for the children.

Our current favorite is the Gilgal Merlot, but we have a variety of other recommendations at the store.


3.  Personalized Kiddush Cups.

It’s such a nice touch if the children have their own Kiddush cups. We sell plastic ones with the brochah on them that the children can then take home as an afikomen present.

For a timeless touch, you could invest in pewter kiddush cups made in England and monogrammed with initials or Hebrew names on them that can then be used instead of place cards.


4. Shorter Haggadahs.

There are a variety of Haggadahs available to suit every level of observance. For a shorter seder, we recommend A Family Haggadah by Shoshana Silverman


5.Passover Toys & Puppets.

To make the seder interactive, I often get passover toys or puppets for the 10 plagues. It’s an opportunity for the children and adults to have fun and engage in the seder. You can easily buy sets of finger puppets or even make them yourself.

A popular one at my seder is passing around “plague kits” that include plague-themed items like sunglasses for darkness or ping pong balls for hail.  We even decorate our table with plastic cows and locusts!


6. Try Something New.

It’s a holiday to remember, so have fun with it! One year we even bought costumes and dressed up.


7.  Share Traditions.

Invite one of the older adults to tell the story of his family seder. Passover seders are a time for sharing and making memories and it’s a way to learn something new!


8. Pick a Theme or Topic for the Night

Let your guests know before hand what it is and ask them to participate by bringing concepts and comments to the seder about how today’s news fits right in. It’s an opportunity to provoke discussion and think about how our history shapes our modern day experience.



Prepare as much as possible before the day of the seder, whether it is setting up your seder plate or prepping the charoset the night before. Prepare before hand so that you can also enjoy the seder and know that it was great experience for all whatever the level.


10. Enjoy!!

Remember, if it’s your first Passover Seder you don’t need to buy everything at once. Invest in items like seder plates and kiddush cups that you will love and keep in the family.


Most importantly… Hag Sameach!





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